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Looks like I haven't updated for a while. I've been spending all my time on myspace! I finally got some music and a layout on my myspace! It took me a while to figure it out! I'm having trouble typing today! Tomorrow Brittany (Abby #4) is coming over! Finally!!! I get to have a friend over! Today I had French class and Madame Hanawalt is pretty cool. We have to pick our French names in French clas for Homework and my name is going to be Abby. Abby # 2 and # 4 are in my French class and they are going to have the same name as me! There is going to be 3 Abby's in one class! I'm bored! I need to get some normal pictures on here!!! So not eveyone thinks I'm a retard I'll put some pictures o here of what
I really look like when I'm not Mary!!!!! Update prbably like in 2 months! rofl. later yo.
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