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Wow I haven't updated in a such along time. Christmas was good. I got an iPod Shuffle, but who didn't? Christmas Eve was lots of fun too. It only seemed like I saw everybody for only 10 minutes. oh well. My Dad keeps on screaming causs ehis neck is "killing him" and I asked him if I shoulsd call him an ambulance but he didn't answer. I got my Dad's old be today. It's a full size. Funnyi thing is...(This is gonna be a long story and I told everyone this today) They should calll the Twin size bed a full size bed because a full person can fit on it not twins. And they should call a full size bed a twin because it's bigger and can fit two people and twins are two people. So they should call a twin a full and a full a twin. What thew Heck! Whoever made that up must have been smoking some serious dope in the bathroom. Well. I ot to go now cause my leg is bleeding. Hey everyone look at my myspace! My name is *Brilliant_Blonde*
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