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Oh my gosh! I haven't updated in a long time. Probably because everytime I go on the computer I spend all my time on MySpace. ugh... I can't type because my nails are still wet. I put on some Cajun Shrimp for tomorrow. :D Well, On Wednesday I went on a field trip and we first wentmto Portillo's and then we went ice sakting. I only fell once! I was so scared because I've never been Ice Skating before. My friend Melissa was nice enough to stay wth me the whole time and skate with me while I held onto the wall. After the tenth time aroung I started going without holding on to the wall. It was so much fun. While evryone else was like freezing cold I was sweating to death. ok, so, today is Christmas Adam. rofl. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can't wait. I'm so excited! I can't wait for everyone to see our new house. I love Christmas because we all get together and talk about like racist things and eat and act all crabby. That's sounds fun to me! :D Today I wore my DDR sweatshirt and it has like a million stains on it. I'm so bored. I have to go listen to some Christmas songs. I haven't listened to Cgristmas songs for a long time. I have to get into the Chritsmas mood! Striymps!!!
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